Welcome to NCDS Loans

Are you looking for a cheap, quick and flexible logbook loan deal? If you are a UK resident and is a vehicle owner, you came to the right place. Whether this is your first time applying for a logbook loan or you’re looking for a better provider, NCDS Loans is here to help.

Who is NCDS Loans

Knowing how hard it is to get approved for a personal loan when you have bad credit, NCDS Loans exists to provide borrowers with quick and easy logbook loans at a price you can afford. We are a leading name when it comes to the best deals on logbook loans for borrowers in the UK. As a partner to key suppliers and providers including Simplelogbookloan.co.uk in the market, NCDS Loans can guarantee to provide a suitable logbook loan deal for your needs no matter your financial circumstances or credit rating.

Our Offers

At NCDS Loans, we pride ourselves in offering flexible loan amount and loan terms. Whether you need quick cash for overdue bills or a major medical expense, you can count on us to get you through any financial patches. We offer loans starting from £500 up to £50,000 at repayment terms from 12 months up to 36 months. The maximum amount you can borrow will depend on your car’s official value. In general, you can secure a loan 70% of said trade value.

Our Customers

Driven by our mission to help, NCDS Loans caters to practically anyone with bad credit problems including borrowers with no credit history yet. If you’ve been trying to take out a personal loan from banks but are turned down because of your poor credit history, NCDS Loans is your trusted partner for quick and easy short term financing.

We cater to anyone who is of legal age, a UK resident and is a vehicle owner. As long as you can provide proof of steady income, you don’t have to be fully employed to avail a logbook loan with NCDS Loans.

Our Promise

When you decide to partner with NCDS Loans, we promise fast processing, affordable logbook loan interest rates and 100% free expert advice. Provided that you meet the requirements and you have the documents on hand, we can process applications in as fast as a day. Once your application is assessed and approved, you can expect for the money to be wire transferred to your bank account in 24 hours or less.

At NCDS Loans, we also promise affordable rates tailored according to your financial circumstance. With the help of our partners, we can guarantee to give you logbook loan deals at the most affordable rates available in the market. You can start comparing what’s available at http://paydayloans.money.co.uk/logbook-loans.htm today.

If you need expert advice, you can also count on our expert specialists to help you every step of the way.

Apply Today

If you’re ready to turn your vehicle into quick cash to meet a wide variety of financial needs, you can apply today at NCDS Loans. Simply fill out our online application form then wait for our assessment and approval. Once approve, you can receive the money in 24 hours or less and use it any way you want.